Åbo Akademi University (AAU)

Åbo Akademi University
Department of Information TechnologiesJoukahainengatan 3-5
FIN-20520 Åbo


Embedded Systems Laboratory  (ESLab)
Prof. Johan Lilius
Joukahainengatan 3-5
FIN-20520 Åbo


Institution Background

Åbo Akademi University is an internationally acknowledged research university with an extensive responsibility for providing education in Swedish in Finland.

The activities cover research and education in most disciplines from the humanities, pedagogics and theology to social sciences, natural sciences and technology. Åbo Akademi University was founded in 1918, and has approximately 6700 students of which around 1000 are international students coming from more than 80 countries. Åbo Akademi University is an internationally acknowledged research university and is committed to research and research-based education of the highest quality. In various external comparisons Åbo Akademi University has been ranked among the best universities in Finland.

The Department of Information Technologies (IT) is part of the Division of Natural Sciences and Technology at Åbo Akademi University. The IT Department provides education in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Systems, at the bachelors level, masters level and postgradual level. The research and education is performed in cooperation with Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS).


Research Group Background

The Embedded Systems Laboratory was established in 1999 and does research on the practice and theory of embedded and automation systems. A central vision of the laboratory is to contribute to the development of solutions to improve the energy-efficiency, resilience and controllability of systems.

We emphasize strong connections with the industry and want to ensure that our tools and methods are applicable to current and future systems. The Embedded Systems Laboratory is composed on 2 professors, 5 researchers and approximately 15 PhD students.

The main domains of expertise of the Embedded Systems Laboratory are:

  • Energy Efficient Computing
  • Systems and Control Engineering
  • Resilient Systems Engineering
  • Smart Spaces
  • ICT for Health & Wellbeing
  • Communication and Signal Processing


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

The Embedded Systems Laboratory has its major interest in WG5 Energy efficiency and WG2 Programming models and runtimes. The ESLab is interested in topics related to:

  • Programming and execution models for distributed stream computing platforms
  • Adaptive runtime environment for resource provisioning and orchestration
  • Power and energy optimization for multi-core platforms
  • Platform and application power models
  • Runtime monitoring of application performances and power dissipation