Conference grants

NEW!!!    From September 1st 2017 IC1305 NESUS is open for receiving applications




COST action Conference Grants is a new activity that started in 2017, and “are aimed at supporting PhD students and ECI researchers from Participating ITC to attend international science and technology related conferences not specifically organised by the COST Action” (COST Vademecum, May 2017)

Conference Grants do not necessarily cover all expenses related to attending a conference. The Grant is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the Grantee. The Grant may also cover registration fees.

This year NESUS Action IC1305 will support 5 Conference Grants (a maximum EUR 1450 in total can be afforded to the grantee). The calculation of the contribution for a Conference Grant is based on the following rules:

  • Up to a maximum of EUR 1450 in total can be afforded to each successful applicant.
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 100 per day can be afforded for accommodation and meal expenses.
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 500 can be claimed for the conference fees to be incurred by the selected Grantee.

In addition when meal and accommodation expenses are supported by the conference organisers as part of the provisions offered in their conference package, the amount for subsistence afforded to each eligible participant must be deducted from the Grant.

Participants must pay all costs up front and are reimbursed after the conference.
Reimbursement is subjected to the production of a report that must be sent within 30 days after the end of the conference.




The following criteria apply


  1. Conference Grants are exclusively reserved for PhD students and ECI’s(1)with a primary affiliation in an institution located in an ITC(2).
  2. The applicant must make an oral/poster presentation at the conference in question and must be listed in the official event/conference programme. The main subject of the oral presentation / poster presentation / speech at the approved conference must be on the topic of NESUS Action IC1305 and must acknowledge COST(3)
  3. The application must be submitted at least 45 days before the conference.
  4. The participation of each applicant must be pre-approved by the Action MC.
  5. Attendance at European conferences is preferred. However, conferences held elsewhere can also be considered.


(1) EIC: Early Career Investigator (within 8 years of PhD defense)

(2) ITC: Inclusiveness Target Countries: : Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech       Republic, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, the fYR Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Turkey.

(3) Any COST Action communication tool (e.g. publications, PowerPoints, etc.) must integrate a reference to COST and acknowledge the support of EU funding. All outputs generated by a COST Action must display the COST logo and visual identity as presented in the COST Brand Book (link to website page



Application Deadlines

During the four period of the NESUS Action, Conference Grants applications will be received. The deadline is February 28th, 2018.


Application Procedure

The procedure concerning Conference Grants is governed by the COST Vademecum, in particular, Chapter 8. For registration you must use the on-line application form to register your request for a Conference Grant. Support documents needed to submit the request are: (1) CV included a list of academic publications, (2) Acceptance letter from conference organisers (3) a copy of the abstract or poster submitted to the conference.


USER GUIDE: In the following inclusiveness_target_countries_conference_userguide (1) you can find the information related to on line application.



It is mandatory that within 30 days after the end of the conference, the grantee must submit a scientific report. Please be aware that the NESUS action ends on 27/03/2018. Thus, the reports must be approved before this date, otherwise grant won’t be paid.

Mandatory for COST: After the Conference, applicants will have to produce a report, or the Grant is cancelled. Late submission, beyond the deadline can also lead to the cancellation of the grant.