Industry cooperation

In the very near future, solutions and tools for Ultrascale Computing will be key enablers for science, technology and business. The partners of the NESUS Cost Action are setting an ecosystem for research and technology of Ultrascale computing. To implement its strategy, the Action put together hundreds of researchers and professional for more than 30 European countries plus other people from several non-European universities and research centers.

Among its goals, the NESUS Action has the objective of establishing collaborations with industries, standard bodies, and other entities that are active in the areas of HPC, large scale distributed systems, and big data management that will contribute to implement Ultrascale computing solutions.

The Action aims at defining research priorities for the development of a competitive high performance technology in Europe and in this way creating a strong value chain to generate value for all stakeholders covering economic, societal, science and technology interests and contribute to advances in the progress of European society. This Action will increase the value of these groups at the European-level by reducing duplication of efforts and providing a more holistic view to all researchers by the promotion of the leadership of Europe and the increase of their impact on science, economy, and society.

The Action believes that the cooperation with industries, projects, and standard bodies active in the areas of large-scale complex systems joining parallel and distributed systems is very important for establishing an open European research network targeting sustainable solutions. For this reason we promote links and cooperation with companies and innovation centers in this area offering the partners expertise and stimulating industry contributions and collaboration. This strategy will be put in practice by joint R&D collaborations, meetings, workshops, training schools, short term visits, industry internships and other dissemination activities that will involve the Action partners, the stakeholders and the industry representatives working in the area of sustainable Ultrascale computing, interested to increase the cross-fertilization in Europe and bridge the gap between theoretic research and real world applications.

If you are interested in cooperating with the Action, please contact the Collaboration Chair:

Prof. Domenico Talia



Talks from industry

In several WG meeting we have received talks from several companies, whose names are listed below. All the talks have been given by R&D people.


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