Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia – IIAP

Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia ( IIAP)
1 P. Sevak str., Yerevan 0014

Institution Background

The Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems (IIAP) is the leading research and technology development institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (NAS RA, in the sphere of applied mathematics and informatics, as well as application domain of computing technologies in various fields of science and technology. Since the foundation in 1957, IIAP has played a remarkable role in Armenia through dissemination of culture in the fields of computer science and its applications. Scientific schools were created in IIAP in the main areas of computer science and applied mathematics in close collaboration with well-known scientific institutions. Main directions of research and applications areas: computer science and applied mathematics; software tools, networking and e-Infrastructures, as well as implementation of ICT for state and social needs.

Since 1963 IIAP publishes “Mathematical Problems of Computer Science”, transactions of scientific researches. Since 2004 the Magistracy has been established affiliated to the International Scientific Educational Center of NAS RA ( on specialization “Computer Science”, where teaching is conducted by the IIAP professionals. Starting from 1997 the biennial “Computer Science and Information Technologies” international conference ( organized by IIAP, is an important event in the scientific life of Armenia contributing to the development of the contemporary branches of informatics in Armenia.

IIAP has a 15-year history of the deployment of state-of-the-art networking and computational facilities in Armenia in a national level. IIAP designed and created the Academic Scientific Research Computer Network (ASNET-AM, http:/ of Armenia ( and now operates the network infrastructure. ASNET-AM provides today high-speed National and International interconnections to about 60 organizations located in 6 cities of Armenia. ASNET-AM, as an Armenian National Research and Education Network, undertakes international cooperative efforts for the development of advanced telecommunication networks and services in Armenia. ASNET-AM is a member of the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association. IIAP initiated and now operates the national distributed computing environment in Armenia within the “Armenian National Grid Initiative (ArmNGI)” foundation ( The ArmNGI is a member of the European Grid Initiative and is comprised of seven sites located in the leading Armenian research and educational organizations.

In the fields of e-infrastructures and scientific computations IIAP has participated in numerous projects funded by EC (SEE-GRID-SCI, HP-SEE, BSI, EGIInSPIRE, INARMERA-ICT, GN3Plus, MATHGEAR), SNF (ARPEGEO), BSEC (G-ECLSIPSE), etc. IIAP has extensive expertise to tackle societal and scientific challenges by developing and porting several digital models and scientific gateways.


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

IIAP’s interest in NESUS cover all four Workgroups:

  • WG1: State of the art and continuous learning in Ultra Scale Computing Systems
  • WG2: Programming models and runtimes
  • WG4: Sustainable data management