Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni (ICAR-CNR)

Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni (ICAR-CNR)
Via P. Bucci 41C,
87036 Rende (CS)
Research group:
Clouds and Big Data
Dr. Eugenio Cesario
Via P. Bucci 41C,
87036 Rende (CS), Italy



Institution Background

The Institute of High Performance Computing and Networks (Istituto di Calcolo e Reti ad Alte Prestazioni) of Italian Research National Council (ICAR-CNR) was established in 2002 for undertaking research, technology transfer and training on

  • high performance computing systems (parallel systems, Grid computing and knowledge Grids, Cloud computing, Internet computing and P2P systems)
  • intelligent systems with complex functionality (processing of very large data source and streams, knowledge representation and data mining, robotic perceptual systems, intelligent multi-agent systems, multimedia systems).


Research projects of the Institute are funded by regional, national and European institutions, and are developed in collaboration with Italian and foreign Universities and Research Centers. ICAR-CNR also collaborates with private enterprises working in ICT innovation and applications. The Institute has three offices: Rende (head office), Napoli and Palermo. It presently enrolls around 70 researchers and technicians, equally distributed on the three sites.


Research Group Background

ICAR-CNR researchers working on HPC, Big Data and Cloud computing topics represent the Institute as a partner in several Italian and European research projects, which are involved in universities, public research centers and enterprises. In some of these projects, HPC technologies are used for the management of business processes and for implementing services for smart territories. In addition, some researchers of ICAR-CNR are also involved in spin-off companies in the areas of semantic Web and Cloud computing (DtoK Lab, Eco4Cloud). In particular, DtoK Lab provides an innovative, high-performance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system, which is able to efficiently analyze large amounts of data and information by exploiting Cloud computing technologies. The Eco4Cloud company develops innovative software solutions for the energy-efficient management of enterprise data centers and for assuring quality of services.


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

  • Energy efficient Cloud Data Centers
  • Workflows for Cloud service composition
  • Data mining and knowledge discovery on Clouds
  • Clouds for e-Health systems and applications
  • Clouds and data analysis for urban computing