This entry shows the composition of the NESUS Action, including members, institutions, and management committee parties.

NESUS Action has been evolving very fast in during the first year. From the 19 countries that were initial proposers, it had grown up to 29 COST countries and almost 100 members by the time the MoU was signed.

In September 2015, NESUS Action included 34 COST countries, 6 Near-neighbor countries, and 6 International partner Countries (IPC), and almost 220 members.   The figure below, shows the distribution of members by WG in the Action.   Moreover, NESUS actively promotes participation of inclusion countries, early stage researchers, and gender equality. Thus, priority is given in several activities to members of those communities, that have been growing in the Action (almost 50% of ESR).  As an example, NESUS strives a policy to hold 50% of the meetings in inclusion countries. Young researchers are encouraged to create small Focus Groups (FG) to explore specific research topics.




NESUS Action is open to new members. NESUS membership can be requested through the New Membership Request at the left menu in the Web site. Requests are studied by a committee for acceptance or denial.  It is mandatory to include your preferences related to the WG you would like to participate. WG membership will be decided on the basis of research focus and interest, but each member will register to at least one WG.