Polytechnic University of Tirana (UPT)

Polytechnic University of Tirana

Faculty of Information Technology

Mother Teresa Sq., Tirana, Albania

Research group:

Center for Research and Development in IT


Prof. Neki Frasheri

Polytechnic University of Tirana

Faculty of Information Technology

Mother Teresa Sq., Tirana, Albania


Institution Background

Polytechnic University of Tirana is a public university, the only one in the country specialized in engineering. Roots of Polytechnic University of Tirana are from 1951 with the first Polytechnic Institute established in Albania. In 1957 this Institute was integrated within the University of Tirana with the creation of the latter. In 1991 engineering faculties were split to create the Polytechnic University of Tirana. One of these faculties – Electrical Engineering Faculty had a department for electronics and computing. In 2008 this department was split from the faculty and, merged with former Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics (INIMA), created the Faculty of Information Technology with three departments – Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Engineering, and the Center for R&D. The faculty offers teaching in three levels – Bsc, Msc and PhD in electronics, telecommunications and computer engineering. It is a new faculty composed by old departments, which were involved in a number of European Tempus, Inco-Copernicus and Framework projects.


Research Group Background

The Center for Research and Development in IT (CRDIT) came from former INIMA in 2008. INIMA was created as a Center of Mathematical Calculus in 1971, firstly as part of Chair of mathematics at Faculty of Natural Sciences of University of Tirana and latter as part of Academy of Sciences. In 1985, with the creation of the first metropolitan computer network in Tirana funded by UNDP, this Center was developed in Institute of Informatics and Applied Mathematics. In 2008 this Institute was transferred in Polytechnic University creating the actual Center for R&D in IT.

The team of CRDIT in collaboration with IT departments from University of Tirana and Polytechnic University led the participation in two suites of regional projects funded by EC programmes FP5, FP6 and FP7. The first suite of projects was SEEREN and SEEREN2 for extension of GEANT connectivity in the region; and the second suite included three projects for the regional grid infrastructure and applications, and was concluded with the project HP-SEE for parallel processing. Main developed parallel applications were for satellite imagery processing in space-time domain and for modeling and inversion in geophysics.

Actually CRDIT maintains a small parallel system of 24 blade servers with a total of 192 cores, as well as one NVIDIA GPU system. The Center supports master and doctorate research in parallel systems, parallel programming and cloud systems.

Prof. Neki Frasheriis the leader of the CRDIT. He is also member of Academy of Sciences of Albania. He has been involved for over 35 years with application of mathematical methods in engineering, computer systems and networks engineering, Internet infrastructure and services, lecturing in operating systems and distributed systems, and leading PhD students. He was leader of the local team for SEEREN and SEE-GRID projects, and actually is involved in the IPA Adriatic project KHE-STO for exploitation of ICT to improve passenger conditions of public transport.


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

  • Paralelization methods and engineering for ultrascale systems
  • Data management and security in ultrascale systems.
  • Energy efficiency in very large scale systems.
  • Applications of modelling and simulations in earth sciences