Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM)

Public Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM)
Prof. Ion Tighineanu
168 Stefan-cel-Mare bd.,
Chisinau, MD-2004
Republic of Moldova
Department of Informational Technologies and Services
Dr. Peter Bogatencov
5 Academiei str.,
Chisinau, MD-2028
Republic of Moldova

Institution Background

Public Research and Educational Networking Association of Moldova (RENAM) is nongovernmental, non-commercial and non-profit organization, established in the form of the public Association with research institutes, universities and other educational institutions of Moldova as the Association members. The principal purpose of RENAM’s activities consists in constant development of communication and information infrastructure for national scientific and educational community; creation of appropriate conditions for permanent national e-Infrastructure extension; co-ordination and support of National Grid Initiative and Grid infrastructure development; providing access to the national and foreign scientific informational and computational resources.

RENAM Association has built and permanently develops its own networking and computational infrastructures. Institutes of Academy of Sciences, leading Universities of Moldova, colleges, some hospitals and governmental establishments are connected now to RENAM network and have access the recourses of national e-Infrastructure. RENAM is coordinator of MD-GRID NGI that at present is uniting all principal research and educational entities involved in support and development of National Grid infrastructure and applications. MD-GRID NGI is coordinating now operation and development of the National HPC infrastructure and providing its users’ support. Main fields of applications that need special parallel processing resources in Moldova are covering seismology, environment monitoring, meteorological modeling, astrophysics and high energy physics. Grid infrastructure comprises at present three clusters installed in RENAM and MD-GRID NGI members’ institutions. Two HPC clusters are in offering resources to the users’ community supported by MD-GRID NGI. All national computational resources are integrated in RENAM network and present has 10 Gbps connectivity via dark fiber link to GEANT backbone through Romanian NREN RoEduNet. RENAM currently implements new connections on the territory of Moldova with the aim to cover all regional centers where research and educational institutions are located.

RENAM is involved in implementation of series EC, NATO and other international projects, has strong contacts with partners from different European states and USA. RENAM successfully realized and now is participating in more than 20 international projects. Involvement of RENAM in regional eInfrastructure development initiatives significantly contributed in forming national eInfrastructure users’ communities, creation of National Grid and HPC clusters computational infrastructures.


Research Group Background

The Department of Informational Technologies and Services of RENAM has a 14-years’ experience in development and adaptation of modern information and communication technologies, including the application of GRID and HPC technologies to support complex applications elaboration and appropriate execution frameworks deployment. The research team is engaged in creation and operational support of specialized communication infrastructures that dedicated to support of effective operation of distributed computing infrastructures and their securing; optimization of data processing technologies that using parallel architectures; new middleware deployment, developing and standardization; complex workflows monitoring and control in distributed computing structures. The specialists working in the Department together with colleagues from IT departments of the other research and educational organizations – members of the National Grid Initiative comprise the kernel of the team that providing services and support for users’ communities of various national scientific computing infrastructures. They also are responsible for computing infrastructure development planning, related national and international projects execution.

Relatively new area of activities is deal with deployment of federated cloud infrastructure at national level and its integration in the regional cloud infrastructures. These new computational resources used for hosting of the integrated distance learning informational system and providing unified access to many interested educational organizations.

The team has expertise in creation of runtime environment to support parallel application execution on multicore processors and cluster systems, adaptation of software packages and open source platforms for running specific parallel applications.

Department has participated in several projects related to the mentioned areas of activities (EU: SEE-GRID, SEE-GRID-SCI, EGI-Inspire, HP-SEE, Porta Optica Study, SEERA-EI, BSEC gEclipseGrid. Bilateral STCU: Instrumental support for complex applications porting to the regional HPC infrastructure. National: DICOM Network).

RENAM staff and especially members of research group permanently involved in training activities, educational and consulting support of national users’ communities.


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

RENAM has interest for cooperation in four NESUS Workgroups:

  • WG1: State of the art and continuous learning in Ultra Scale Computing Systems
  • WG2: Programming models and runtimes
  • WG3: Resilience of applications and runtime environments
  • WG6: Applications.