Research position available at Bristol in ENergy Efficient Adaptive Computing with multi-grain heterogeneous architectures.


Deadline for applications is on the 12th of March.

Research Associate Senior/Research Associate in ENergy Efficient Adaptive Computing with multi-grain heterogeneous architectures (ENEAC) 

Based in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Bristol University, you will investigate the possibility of creating energy efficient computing systems based on CPU+FPGA+GPU hybrids. 

In particular the post will focus on developing energy efficient adaptive systems in which tasks are assigned to the computing resource that minimizes overall energy requirements. These systems will vary their voltage, frequency at run-time to adapt to the requirements of the application. Predicting optimal execution resources during application execution and minimizing overheads during state transitions are key milestones required for the success of the project. 

The combination of general purpose CPUs, reconfigurable fabrics (FPGAs) and GPUs will be targeted with a common high-level programming language such as C++ or OpenCL (Open Computing Language) with special consideration given to functionality and performance portability. A run-time system able to distribute and manage task execution among the different computing resources currently available in the group will be used as part of the research activities. 

The researcher will collaborate with industrial partners that will donate the devices embedding the multi-core CPU and GPU technology that will directly interface with a FPGA device in the same chip. 

The ideal candidate will have extensive C/C++ programming expertise for multi-core CPU, GPUs and/or FPGAs. You should also be familiar with high-level synthesis tools from major FPGA vendors such as Xilinx VIVADO HLS toolset for Zynq devices and have a PhD degree in Microelectronics or related discipline. 

This is a full-time open ended contract with funding up to 5 July 2019. 

Informal enquiries can be made to: Dr Jose Nunez-Yanez

About nesus

Jesus Carretero is a Full Professor of Computer Architecture and Technology at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), where he is responsible for that knowledge area since 2000. He is also Director of the Master in Administration and Management of Computer Systems, which he founded in 2004. He also serves and has served as a Technology Advisor and in applied projects with several companies such as RENFE, EADS, INDRA, SIEMENS or ISOLUX, developing research and innovation projects. He is a project reviewer for Spanish research ministry and also European Union. His research activity is centered on high-performance computing systems, distributed systems and real-time systems. He has participated and leaded several national and international research projects in these areas, founded by Madrid Regional Government, Spanish Education Ministry and the European union. He was teaching in Facultad de Informática of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) since 1989 until 1997. In 1997 and 1998 he was a visiting scholar at the NorthWestern University of Chicago (Ill, USA), where he was researching with Prof. Alok Choudhary. He works currently at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where he has been teaching since 2000. Carretero is a senior member of the IEEE Computer Society and member of the ACM.