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Research group:
Distributed Systems Group
Institute for Information Systems
Director: Prof. Thomas Eiter
Argentienierstraße 8
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Institution Background

The Vienna University of Technology was founded in 1815 as Imperial-Royal Polytechnical Institute. It was the first University of Technology within present-day German-speaking Europe. Today the university finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as well as in research and is a highly esteemed partner of innovation oriented enterprises. Development work in almost all areas of technology is encouraged, first, by the interaction between basic
research and the different fields of engineering sciences at the TU Wien itself, and, secondly, within the framework of cooperative projects with other universities, research institutes and business sector partners.

The Vienna University of Technology is very successful when applying for competitively given public funding as well as in the implementation of research projects with employers from economics and / or public authorities (third party funds). Numerous collaborations have also been institutionalised in various forms.  In this way, the TU Wien is involved in numerous competence centres, networks, projects and Christian  Doppler laboratories and has a large share in the Priority Research programmes of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).


Research Group Background

The Distributed Systems Group of the Information Systems Institute at the TUW conducts teaching and research in distributed computing with particular emphasis on software architectures, software components and services, and programming languages and paradigms for distributed systems. We investigate the application of these technologies to the development of distributed services. In the distributed services area, we focus on development methodologies for software services, WWW applications, mobile and ubiquitous collaborative computing, context-aware and autonomic computing, and security for distributed (Internet) applications, especially in enterprise computing. The Distributed Systems Group has some 30 staff, including a varying number of research associates. Some of the most relevant projects in which the group has participated in the last few years include many European IST-projects such as OPELIX for e-commerce (IST 10288), MOTION for mobile teamwork support (IST-1999-11400), EASYCOMP for software components (IST 1999-14191), SPARTA for Internet security (IST 12637), ESPRIT 4 ARES for software architectures (Architectural Reasoning for Embedded Systems) project (20477); ITEA project CAFE for product family evolution; COST-11-TER (Formal Description Techniques); ISA (Integrated Systems Architecture); ISO-ODP (Open Distributed Processing), inContext (FP6 IST 034718) for context-aware computing and WORKPAD (FP6-2005-IST-5-034749) for complex process adaptation in disaster situations.


Dr. Ivona Brandic is Assistant Professor at the Information Systems Institute, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien). Prior to that, she was Assistant Professor at the Department of Scientific Computing, University of Vienna. She received her PhD degree in 2007 and her venia docendi for practical computer science in 2013, both from Vienna University of Technology. She was involved in the European Union’s SCube project (Software Services and Systems Network) and she led the Austrian national FoSII (Foundations of Self-governing ICT Infrastructures) project funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). From 2009 to 2013 she was management committee member of the European Commission’s COST Action on Energy Efficient Large Scale Distributed Systems. Currently she is management committee member of the European Commission’s COST Action on Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (NESUS). From June to August 2008 she was visiting researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I. Brandic is on the Editorial Board of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE Magazine on Cloud Computing and IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems.

In 2011 she received the Distinguished Young Scientist Award from the Vienna University of Technology for her project on the Holistic Energy Efficient Hybrid Clouds. In 2010 she chaired the International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing held in Chennai, India. She has been serving more than 50 program committees among others Supercomputing, CCGrid, CloudCom, EuroPar, and COMPSAC. She was invited reviewer of more than 10 renowned international journals. In 2011 she edited two special issues for Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier) and Scientific Programming Journal (IOS Press). I. Brandic has been invited expert evaluator of the European Commission, French National Research Organization (ANR), National Science and Engineering Research Council Canada (NSERC), Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), and Australian Research Council (ARC).


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

  • Virtualized HPC systems
  • Massive-scale data analytics
  • Energy efficient ultrascale distributed systems
  • Workflow Technologies
  • Cloud, Web & workflow Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Negotiation protocols and standards
  • Service-oriented distributed systems