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Research group:
Computational Science Lab
Alfons Hoekstra



Institution Background


Research Group Background

 We live in a highly connected and strongly coupled world, and are surrounded by a large diversity of complex systems. All these systems have one thing in common: they process information. We aim to describe and understand this information processing. The abundant availability of data from science and society drives our research. We study Complex Systems in the context of methods like multi-scale cellular automata, dynamic networks and individual agent based models. Challenges include data-driven modeling of multi-level systems and their dynamics as well as conceptual, theoretical and methodological foundations that are necessary to understand these processes and the associated predictability limits of such computer simulations.


Prof. Alfons Hoekstra leads the Computational Science lab. He obtained his PhD in Computational Science in 1994 from the University of Amsterdam, and currently is affiliated to both the University of Amsterdam and the National Research University ITMO in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His interests are in Multiscale Modelling & Simulation, High Performance Multiscale Computing, strongly driven by applications from the Biomedical domain.