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University of Cambridge
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Timothy M. Jones

Computer Architecture Group





Institution Background

 The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 when scholars settled in the thriving commercial community of Cambridge. It is a collegiate public research university, consistently ranked among the best universities in the world, and has made numerous contributions over its 800+ years to science and culture. Its alumni contain over 90 Nobel laureates.


Research Group Background

 The Computer Architecture Group, located in the University’s Computer Laboratory, performs research into all aspects of tomorrow’s computing hardware, including its supporting circuitry and compiler technology. The Computer Laboratory built and operated the world’s first stored program computer (EDSAC) in. Today the Computer Architecture Group has projects spanning tightly-coupled many-core devices, neural network simulators, reliability, clean-slate security and automatic parallelization.

Dr. Timothy M. Jones is a Senior Research Fellow within the Computer Architecture Group and is leading the projects on many-core reliability. He has published in the major computer architecture and compiler conferences and his growing group is researching the next generation of many-core systems.