University of Luxembourg (UL)

University of Luxembourg
162a, avenue de la faïencerie
L-1511 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Computer Science and Communication (CSC)
Parallel Computing and Optimization Group
Professeur Pascal Bouvry
Campus Kirchberg
6, rue Richard Coudenhove Kalergi
L-1359 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Institution Background

Founded in 2003, the University of Luxembourg is the first and only university of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Multilingual, international and research-oriented, it is also a modern institution with a personal atmosphere. The UL benefit from its proximity with the European institutions and Luxembourg’s financial center to develop high quality research and teaching thanks to 730 professional experts who support the about 233 professors, assistant professors and lecturers in their teaching.

The research performed at the UL is structured across 5 high-priority research areas (International Finance, Security, Reliability and Trust in Information Technology, Systems Biomedicine, European and Business Law, Education and Learning in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts), 11 research units, 5 endowed chairs and 5 doctoral schools.



Research Group Background

The team of Prof. Dr. Pascal Bouvry is conducting research with a focus on parallel, cloud and evolutionary computing, communications, and sustainable development, for instance, Energy Efficient Data Centers. He also initiated since 2007 the development of an HPC platform and the associated expertise with the help of Dr. Sébastien Varrette, which is also MC member of the action. The main application domains of the team, i.e. HPC infrastructure performance optimization and service improvement, fit the University of Luxembourg priorities. The team is currently composed of 8 Postdoc researchers and 13 PhD students. Since 2004, the team has published more than 160 conference papers, 25 journal articles, 5 book chapters and 3 books. It has also organized more than 10 international conferences and workshops.


Prof. Pascal Bouvry is currently Professor in the Computer Science and Communications Research Unit (CSC) research unit. He is also faculty of the SnT and active in various scientific committees and technical workgroups (IEEE CIS Cloud Computing vice-chair, IEEE TCSC GreenIT steering committee, ERCIM WG, ANR, COST TIST, etc.). He takes part and represents Luxembourg for the management committee of COST Action IC1305 Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (NESUS). His main research interests covers Parallel computing and Optimization applied to Cloud Computing (scheduling, energy-efficiency, security), Ad-Hoc Networks (Vanets simulation and service optimization), and Biology (gene sequencing, regulatory networks, protein folding). Until now, he has successfully (co-)directed 12 PhD students and used to lead as PI many research and development projects, for instance EDA/ICET2/ASIMUT (2014-2015, 100K€), FNR/NCBiT/POLLUX ISHOP (2014- 2016), 380K€), FNR/CNRS-Green@Cloud (2012-2015, 387K€), UL/Evoperf ( 2011-2013, 342K€), FNR-CORE/GreenIT (2010-2012, 430K€), Eureka-celtic Wisafecar (2009-2011, 300K€), (FNR-SECOM/TeseGrad – 2005-2007, 300 K) or ATTLA (2000-2001, 9 M$) to cite just a few of them.


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

  • Scope of research activities in ultrascale computing systems.
  • Resilience of applications and runtime environments
  • Energy efficiency in very large scale systems.