University of Mons

University of Mons
Place du Parc 20, B-7000 Mons
INFO Group
Dept of Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering


Institution Background
The creation of the University of Mons (UMONS), founded on account of the merging of the University of Mons-Hainaut (UMH) and the Faculty of Engineering of Mons (FPMs), consolidates the Mons Higher Education Consortium.

Key points are:

  • More than 5000 students, about 1000 in Engineering
  • Significant development of higher education, offered both in Mons and Charleroi, Hainaut, south-west district of Belgium, close to the French border.
  • Increased cross-disciplinary education and training.
  • Development of 10 Research Institutes, all with more than 100 researchers, one in Information Technology (InforTech), one in IT for Arts (Numediart)


Research Group Background

The Applied Computer Science (INFO) group has a long expertise attested by many conference presentations and numerous publications in international renowned journals. Members of INFO have organized and chaired international conferences in fields related to High Performances Computing and image processing, and are often invited to participate in PhD juries abroad. More particularly, the INFO group has expertise in the following fields related to the current proposal:

  • parallel and distributed computing field, especially code optimization and parallelization on many-cores and GPUs.
  • image segmentation in medical image analysis.
  • multimedia (image, video and 3D objects) retrieval, annotation and analysis.
  • customers segments in recommendation systems.


INFO participated in ARC OLIMP National Project (Optimization for Live Interactive Multimedia Processing, 2008-2013) which focused on software and hardware tools for real-time multimedia processing, relying on highly parallel architectures, such as GPUs and FPGAs. INFO also participated in PSOPP (Porting Software on Parallel Processor, Programme de Recherche Collective, Wallonia, 2011-2012), in a FEDER-TIC project (Porting Software on Parallel Processors, Wallonia) and in a European network (Cost Action IC805 HPC for complex environments).


INFO is currently involved in the Chist-Era IMOTION project dedicated to the development of Intelligent Multimodal Augmented Video Motion Retrieval Systems (2013-2016).


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

– high-performance scientific computing

– cloud computing

– parallel programming models and languages

– performance analysis and tuning

– scheduling and optimisation