West University of Timisoara (UVT)

Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara
B-dul Vasile Parvan 4, 300223 Timisoara

Distributed and Parallel computing research group
Prof. Dana Petcu
Department of Computer Science, B-dul Vasile Parvan 4, 300223 Timisoara

Institution Background

West University of Timisoara (UVT) was founded in 1944 as a classic university meant to be representative for the west part of Romania, with more than 20,000 students now. The Department of Computer Science (DoCS) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science was initiated in 1971. An Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Computing Laboratory is functioning within the Center of Research in Computer Science. The main topics of research are: Distributed and Parallel Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Mathematics.


Research Group Background

The research team experience is related to the participation in the last 20 years in more than sixty national and international research projects granted mainly by Romanian/Austrian/French Governments, EC (FP5/6/7, CIP, COST, Phare, Tempus), ESA, World Bank. Its expertise spans from cloud, grid, and web services to cluster and HPC computing, as well as evolutionary computing, semantics, expert and multi-agent systems.

On-going projects in which DoCS is involved are focused on parallel, distributed, grid and cloud computing and parallel computing: FP7-RegPot HOST   (as coordinator) on HPC, FP7-ICT SCAPE on HPC & Cloud for digital preservation, FP7-eInfra EGI-Inspire on Grid, CIP-ICT Share-PSI on open data and national AMICAS on Automated Clouds.

Part of team is working also in the R&D activities of the spin-off research association, IeAT (joint association for research with two other public universities), including several other on-going EC projects, like FP7-ICT MODAClouds and SPECS on Cloud engineering, respectively Cloud security, or CIP-ICT SEED in Cloud services for e-government. One of the latest research prototype is mOSAIC PaaS designed for code portability on top of infrastructure services in the frame of the FP7-ICT mOSAIC, project leaded scientifically by this team.


Major Interest in Action Scientific Topics

The team manages the largest supercomputing center of Romania (http://hpc.uvt.ro), with a variety in hardware organization (from Blue Gene to GPU clusters). Therefore is highly interested in applying in practice the knowledge that is gathered in NESUS.

Moreover , the group can contribute with its knowledge especially to the WG1 in what concerns Multi-Cloud and data center operations, in WG2 in what concerns run-time environments, in WG3 in what concerns monitoring services.

Furthermore, the group is interested to gather knowledge in the topics of WG4 as big data is a new research direction of the group, can provide real data for establishing profiles for WG5 and application examples for WG6 from the fields of earth sciences, computer graphics or data mining.