WG1: State of the art and continuous learning in Ultra Scale Computing Systems


WG1 will continuously study the state of the art in hardware platforms and software stack of very large scale systems (data centres, post petaflop systems, multi-cloud environments, etc.). This Working Group will gather the participants experiences and knowledge about the possibilities to adapt the underlying software stack of large scale systems in order to increase their sustainability.


First WG Meeting. Madrid. July 2014.  Slides.
Second WG Meeting. Paris. December 2014.  Slides.
Third WG Meeting. Belgium. Leuven 2015.  Slides.
Fourth WG Meeting. Krakow. Poland 2015.  Slides.


Technical Report

State-of-the-Art, Software Techniques to Increase Sustainability in Ultrascale Systems, and Roadmap< Download
Introduction to sustainable ultrascale computing systems and applications.<                                     . Download
Resource Sharing for Scientific Workflows on Computational Grids.<                                                 . Download

Focus Groups

  • High Productivity Computing (FG HProC).  Dr. Karolj Skala.
  • Research Roadmap. Dr. Tuan Anh Trinh